It was a night in September to Remember...

By Aldo Lihiang

Mooon Man.

From the Mooon Founders we say THANK YOU for celebrating with us at Launch! - Leo, Aldo & James

Thank you all who came and supported our Launch party!

We had so much fun co-hosting this Launch event with Cognoscenti Coffee, special thanks to Yeekai Lim and the Cog Staff for letting us do what we do and Mooon Launch! 

Michael from The Flashdance in Action

The throwdown

The judges doing what judges do...

The Winner

Alex from @eightfoldcoffee getting ready to pour...

The pics above are screen grabs from our Facebook Live stream. Add our Mooon Facebook page:     So the next time we have any fun community events you can watch the action Live!

We blasted off and we are super thankful for everyone who came out. We are working very hard so that you have an app that can help you discover and enjoy local coffee shops and in the very short future our Mooon app will be able to give you the pre-order and pre-pay function made for your convenience!




Seriously let everyone know to download our App October 5 for the Beta version (Mooon Discovery version)